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Some of the most profitable times investors have discovered have been in those situations wherein a stock's price trades higher on increased dollar volume.

There are even special indicators that technical analysts frequently utilize which scan for this extraordinarily bullish signal.

And they could lead to grand slam profits!

You see, these "Money Flow" indicators often alert traders of stocks on the move and poised to move to much higher levels.

Volume shows how many shares changed hands within a specified time frame. And volume is the fuel that drives stocks higher or lower. By studying the dollar volume, traders could obtain clues as to whether a stock is headed north because of short, intermediate, or long term buying pressure plus other factors that could influence a stock's direction.

That being said, when a public company has the right fundamental characteristics combined with one of the most obvious and strongest bullish signals...that being when money is flowing positively into the stock... the symbol could witness an EXPLOSIVE buying frenzy that snowballs into a momentous profit situation.

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There are special tools and strategies that many savvy traders utilize to determine how to enter and exit a profitable investment opportunity.

These technical indicators and oscillators have helped suggest what the support and resistance levels are and whether a stock could pop off like a champagne cork and generate outstanding gains.

Although there are dozens of these indicators, some of the most popular include:

* Moving Averages: indicates if a stock price rises above certain price points which is a bullish sign

* On-Balance Volume: measures the volume entering a stock and whether investors are buying

* Relative Strength Indicator (RSI): measures whether a stock is overbought or oversold

Bollinger Bands: another indicator of whether a stock is overbought or oversold

Now, what is so special is that these and other indicators could be very helpful in determining if a stock could be at the early stages of an ACCUMULATION PHASE.

And stocks in that stage have provided highly lucrative profit making opportunities, especially in the short term.

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